338 rum vs 300 win mag

Either the 338 rem ultra- mag or the Weatherby.
Retained energy of the first load is at 300 yards and of the second at 325 yards.It's not like sitting down with great gag gifts for boss a 243 tamworth castle discount vouchers and plinking ground hogs all day.With 250 grain bullets, itll hit 1300 yards before crossing the 1000 ft-lb mark and with heavy 300 grain bullets, its good to 1600 yards.Not to much difference in numbers but bear in mind that 5 pounds of additional recoil is not just a tap on the shoulder when at the shooting bench sighting in the rifle.Downrange performance can be summarized with two statistics: maximum point blank range (mpbr) and retained energy at that range.I've shot and hunted with an 8mm Rem mag for a bunch of years so take this with the thought that I'm magnum oriented.I would recommend two things.Wanted to get everyone thoughts on the difference between the ultra and the win mag and not so much on the guns.I have both the 300 Ultra mag and a wildcat._ NRA Benefactor Member NRA Certified Police Firearms Instructor NRA Certified Range Safety Officer "Firearms only have two enemies - rust and politicans" author unknown #, 04:46 PM Beartooth Regular Join Date: Feb 2004 Location: Virginia Posts: 3,366 60 ft/lbs of recoil anyone?These are the.330 Dakota,.340 Weatherby,.338 Remington Ultra Mag,.338 Lapua Magnum and.338-378 Weatherby.That's what I use now for all sighting in duties.Mag., but are ballistically inefficient, loud and kick like the devil.For the.330 Dakota.9.With 250 grain bullets, the.

Remember you can always load it down to 338 Win velocities if you want lighter loads.
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