Assassin's creed revelations data fragments reward

The Wise: Killed the least Civilians To be safe, you buy ubereats gift card can avoid killing anyone and hopefully everyone else has killed a civilian.
Assassin's, creed means a ton of new collectibles to ferret out and snag.
Especially objective based ones because people have other things on their minds.
Use the abilities with and.Another year brings us another, assassin's, creed, and another.You only need to gain 13 different ones throughout your multiplayer career.Do this on team based games that have to do with objectives (like VIP).You can also walk around yourself, just never run.The Sacrificial Lamb: The first to die, easy enough, you will get this naturally!I have been able to unlock 10 in one single match.This is really easy if someone else gets your target, you can go press on them while on the ground.There are many people that love to use abilities in this game.Pick the other set, and do the same.Just avoid people and look casual.Assassins- creed - revelations up vote 12 down vote accepted, once you have all of the Desmond memories (at 30 and the maps (for the Memoir Pages at 25 and the remaining fragment locations at 50 there are no other rewards besides the achievement.There are a total of 44 different ones you can get.If you are a extremely good at this game then you will have to try for.That's a 50/50 chance.If you keep playing and gaining new perks/abilities, you will eventually start getting more.The Survivor: Died the least, hide, run, do whatever it takes to have least amount of deaths.The Slayer: Had the most kills, you should get this naturally as you get used to the game.You can go hide in a haystack and wait the timer out.Style, the Immortal: Stayed alive the longest, this won't happen every game, but if you can avoid confrontation then you might be able to snag this.
Collecting the former is vital to opening up Desmond's memories on Animus Island (although you only need 30 to see them all as well as netting the.