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For this guide we're focusing on broadband-only (though.
As long as you don't plan to use your home phone much, these plans may appeal to you as a way to save money by not paying for a landline you don't use.
No nasty surprises here!A working router is needed to share the broadband connection and transmit WiFi.Do I need to buy a router?Vodafone also has an ultimate speed guarantee via the Vodafone Broadband app, so if your speed drops below 25Mbps at any time, you can claim a 15 discount on that month's bill.3 considerations when choosing broadband, what speed do you need?Skip straight to: What broadband speed is right for me?Contract Length: 18 months, price: 18 per month, upfront costs:.95.For phone line broadband connections it can take up to 2 weeks, whereas for fibre it can be activated sooner.Many broadband-only deals still require you to also have line rental with the provider or from elsewhere.Fair-usage caps (a set amount of monthly data that if exceeded may result in you being charged) used to be fairly common, essentially turning unlimited plans into limited plans with a high data cap.But how do you know if you're getting the best broadband deal?In the latter case, information such as the deals weve listed above can be very useful, since rival prices are great ammunition to try and get a discount.As standard, Sky Broadband customers also receive a 12-month trial everyday rewards woolworths login of McAfee's Internet Security package and unlimited access to Sky Talk Shield, which screens calls and allows you to block persistent spam callers.We asked almost 1,000 switchers how they found it, and 77 agree the process was easy.Thinking of switching provider?Read our guide on how to haggle for the best broadband deal.Get this deal ยป Package details Average download speed: 10 Mbps Contract: 18 months Reward: 50 Prepaid card Advertised cost:.99pm Effective cost:.49pm (see below) Lifetime cost: 314.82 Effective cost breakdown Broadband for 12 months: 359.82 Activation fee: 5 Reward: 50 Calculation: (359.82.With so many deals to choose from, many of which tie you to a provider for 18 months or longer, youll need to make sure you choose one who is reliable and best serves your needs.

Virgin Media vivid 100 Average Speed: 108Mbps Contract Length: 12 months Price: 32 per month Upfront costs: 20 Total cost over contract: 404 Effective cost per month:.67 Virgin Media is well established as a broadband provider, although it may not be the first one.
Is unlimited broadband truly unlimited?
Fast WiFi is the number one ingredient for a happy student house.