Best youth football defense against sweep

Rocket: Just get it to the fast guy.
If the defense is legoland fl hotel promo code fast flowing to the rocket, some kind of counter should be wide open.If you keep three receivers on the line, including the extra playside blocker as an H-back, the Y-Cross type concept is great here as well.Defense (See Also) 4-4, defense, blitz Packages 52 Monster Storm, the 52 generally uses the monster back (SS) as an adjuster to counterbalance the strength of the offense.At some point in all this the defense, in order to be able to defend the rocket toss and the various inside and outside counters, is going to start committing safeties.The nose guard cuts down the center. .And, if it is not the most famous play on the field, it is undoubtedly the most famous play to have ever been diagrammed.I always say its the quarterbacks job to get it to the rocket player but its the rocket runners job to secure the ball no matter how it gets to them.But, of course, as Vince Lombardi himself explains, a play is just a play; theres nothing magical.But that was then, the common refrain goes.The rocket similar in concept to a jet sweep, but with some notable you can see from the diagram, the concept is very similar: down blocking on the playside with the guards pulling to create an alley for the runner.But the rocket series gives you some of that it is a series without necessarily requiring that you spend all the additional time required to use your quarterback in the run game.Pass defense is usually zone-based.The key block is the tackle on the defensive end away from the rocket motion.But, given the prevalence of the zone running game today, I wouldnt be surprised to see the old Wing-T concepts and, indeed, the old Vince Lombardi man blocked concepts as well making a resurgence.Now we get to where the rocket really shines: as smoke and mirrors on top of your existing run game.