Car insurance with no no claims discount

car insurance with no no claims discount

When an insurance policy is due for renewal or has expired, proof of a no claims discount will be available from the provider, to be considered by a different company if necessary.
Brand new drivers setting up a policy for the first time will start with zero no claims discount, but, according to the Association of British Drivers, even a years worth can lead to reductions of up to 30 percent.
David's Park, Ewloe, CH5 3UZ.Every type of insurance policy (third party only, third party fire and theft, and fully comprehensive) can accumulate a no claims bonus.M Ltd 2013 m Limited is an appointed representative of m Financial Group Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA FRN 303190).If you have had use of a company car, this can counts towards earnt no claims bonus.You have been named driver on someone else's policy.You may be an ex-company car driver.Important information, here's some important information about the services MoneySupermarket provides.Can I protect my no claims discount?If you have been a driver on say a partners or spouses policy and now need to insure you own car we can allow as many years claim free years equally large discounts as per the scale shown.You have been named driver on someone else's policy If you have been a driver on someone elses policy, we can allow a no claims bonus based on how long you have driven claim free on that mug gifts pinterest persons policy Your bonus may have been lost.By paying a small fee to the provider, the full discount will remain if a claim is made.Alternatively if the protection is lost we may be able to continue with a discount No Claims bonus scale Zero No Claims Bonus Introductory Discounts Only 1 year no claims : 30 discount 2 years no claims : 40 discount 3 years no claims bonus.The amount saved is proportionate to the consecutive number of years that a person has held a policy in their name without making a claim.However we will take a look at your overall driving experience and normally allow an intro discount that can reduce costs considerably.What happens if my car is in an accident or stolen?Your protection will remain in place provided you have made no more than two claims in the previous three years, including claims with a previous insurer.
This can be useful if that person eventually wants to buy their own car, as they can use their no claims status for their own insurance, but often this will only apply if using the same company.
In the event of an accident, unless the insurance provider can recover all of its costs from another party, such as the driver who may be at fault, then some or all of the no claims will be lost.