Customer christmas gift ideas

customer christmas gift ideas

Donate to an elderly charity.
Gift For Them And Their Family.
Are they subscribed to every baking-related group out there?
If you dont have time to be assembling gifts, tying bows, and designing cards, let us come alongside you and help you efficiently.For example, a customer working in the travel industry might appreciate some fancy luggage tags.Stalk Their Facebook Profile, this is a situation where its perfectly acceptable to stalk your customers Facebook page to get an idea of what theyre into.Make sure you personalize the letter to each customer and dig deep to convey just how important they are to you.Doing the same at Christmas could be seen as self-serving, when gift giving during holidays should be something that is selfless.Donate to an animal shelter local to them.A Freebie, Token or Discount, i hesitated at including this on the list, because often companies send discount offers to encourage you to spend more.Take A Peek At Their Other Social Feeds.Go for freshly-made gifts as much as possible over big-box store items.If your customer has a Pinterest account, bingo theyve likely pinned all sorts of things which excite and inspire them.Its a classic, old-fashioned sign of appreciation that isnt often seen in this electronic world.Type As, people who are typically super-organized and concerned with time management, or Type Bs, who are usually more relaxed.A sincere letter of appreciation can have much more impact than your standard corporate gift.For instance, we all know that Christmas gift baskets appear large but are full of cardboard spacers, cellophane wrap, and questionable sausage.Skip the fluffy appearance and send a gift that reflects your genuine quality.For those of us who suffer from long commutes, an audiobook can be a great gift instead of a physical book.And more importantly, they won't break your bank.Books Or Audiobooks, for those of us who rely on a go-to business bookshelf to spark ideas, getting a business-related book is a great gift.By quantum mechanics nobel prize sending a physical package, youre being different.Are they a pet lover?
Does your customer have a family?
Maybe theyre a new parent, or they have grown-up kids.