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"How Margaret Thatcher became known as 'Milk Snatcher.
Retrieved White, Michael (26 February 2009).
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Retrieved "Private burial for Ronald Reagan".Retrieved Lipsey, David (21 November 1990).Thatcher's election had a polarising effect on the party, as her support was stronger among MPs on the right, and also among those from southern England, and those who had not attended public schools or Oxbridge."Album skewering Margaret Thatcher to be reissued on April 17".Ungoed-Thomas, Jon (8 February 1998).146 Public disquiet culminated in a 70,000 to 200,000-strong 148 demonstration in London in March 1990; the demonstration around Trafalgar Square deteriorated into riots, leaving 113 people injured and 340 under arrest."Funeral will be a 'ceremonial' service in line with Baroness Thatcher's wishes".179 Regulation was also significantly expanded to compensate for the loss of direct government control, with the foundation of regulatory bodies such as Oftel ( 1984 Ofgas ( 1986 and the National Rivers Authority ( 1989 skins for win ).221 nb 5 Polls suggested that fewer than one in three British citizens approved of her decision."Thatcher longest serving British prime minister".Retrieved b Tory Cabinet in Brighton bomb blast".Following ReaganGorbachev summit meetings and reforms enacted by Gorbachev in the ussr, she declared in November 1988 that "We're not in a Cold War now but rather in a "new relationship much wider than the Cold War ever was".The Conservatives attacked the Labour government's unemployment record, using advertising with the slogan " Labour Isn't Working ".In 1991 she and her husband Denis moved to a house in Chester Square, a residential garden square in central London's Belgravia district.20 Her first boyfriend, Tony Bray (19262014 recalled that she was "very thoughtful and a very good conversationalist.Retrieved "Headliners; Call Her Mrs".