Good gift ideas for car guys

Festive Outfits.50: Ive never been one for feline fashion or doggie dress-up, but I do have a sense of humor when it comes to silly antlers and Santa hats.
This flower-shaped buff is a pretty neutral color, plus its a blooming great way to create a spa gift thats on budget.Plastic Mind Puzzles 1: I found a plastic puzzle ball worth a mind-bending look.Craft Gifts Dollar stores carry plenty of crafty supplies for scrapbookers, painters, sketchers, and aspiring sculptors.More from my bank of america cash rewards visa sign in site 8 Comments.Tire Pressure Gauge 1: Spend a buck and save a fortune with better gas mileage and fewer trips to the pump.Other conditions, fees and charges apply, see relevant Latitude Finance Australia product websites for details Credit is provided by Latitude Finance Australia (ABN Australian Credit Licence number 392145).Its not a Rubiks Cube, but youll bend your brain to find the solution.Great for emergencies where adhesive is essential, and for physically taping your mouth shut in any sticky situation.Paint Brushes.50: Get a 24-pack of paint brushes to create your own canvas wall art or split the pack between your kids and see who becomes the next Picasso.Kongs auxiliary sweep comsol are well worth the money since they last, unless lost under the porch for a season.If your dollar store is a supply shop that carries brand names, you may just find quality food fit for your pet.For a buck or two, Ill eat my words and dress up my poor pooch once a year.Also great for removing makeup and that black mascara stuff.Crayons 1: These are not the Crayola brand crayons, but on a hot day, they will melt in the back seat of Dads Oldsmobile no problem.My package contains the primary colors.Other than a case of beer and a bottle of Crown Royal what can you get them?If youve got a dog walker or a feline sitter on your gift list, theres something in store for the fur people too.Pet owners with smaller, more delicate pets can do well at the dollar store.But for now, print off that Most Important Guy label.For more information, please read my disclosure policy start by printing off your free printable labels here: (You are also agreeing to our.Smiley disney vacation promo code faces and frog eyes make every ouchie feel better.
Terry Cotton Buff 2: Its green, serene, and itll get you clean.

Its amazing what you can find for a buck or two at your local dollar store.