Good gifts for daycare teachers

Also, my DC parents aren't rich, but when can obama win a third term as president they choose a gift that's just for me, with my interests in mind, I notice appreciate.
I really like little personal touches.
Even just some funny ecards, my all time favorite gift was given one October Saturday morning.
Wine Time knit mittens Simons Costs: 29 Available at: Simons.3 of my moms have done this so far.After that, I would like something for the daycare kids to play with, or when they get older, maybe a parent could bring in a lunch for the children.I myself would like something personal as well.It was an lxg laser engraved gifts awesome concert and most generous gift.Michaels gift card Michaels Costs: 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 Available at: Michaels.Plus the giver pays at least 5 more for the card itself.But give me a break.Homeade from the heart gifts are the best!Anyone can go out and buy a present because they feel obligated to but gifts from the heart mean the most.A Thank you card would be an appreciated gift!The cost of the gift isn't as important as feeling a little bit pampered, appreciated and listened.The gift that I would like to receive are teddy bears, bells etc.Daycare information pages Daycare FormsCommonly Asked Questions by Providers ParentsDaycare Advice for NewbiesWhat Providers Love Hate About Their JobsTransition TimesDaycare Parenting TipsAdvertising TipsGifts Daycare Providers Wish ForAre You Burnt Out?

I wish we could dispense with the idea that handing someone cash implies that you think they are poor, though.