How to send gift card money to paypal

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Each contain a link that can be clicked to approve or deny the request.
Goto TOP GOTow do google play gift card mol I make a one-off credit or debit to/from my child?Goto TOP GOTow do you track purchases and donations for kids under 13?Click on the Refer a Family action link.Unlike cash, FamZoo cards can be used almost anywhere online, and theres never any fumbling with loose change in stores.Goto TOP GOTow do I order a replacement card?If you have moved and you need to update the address on file with your card, see here.Remember, your debit card must have the visa or MasterCard logo.Goto TOP GOTow do I set up text or email alerts for activity on our cards?If you have a card that was ordered in October of 2014 or afterwards, you can find the bank routing and account numbers printed on the back of your card.To locate the trial deposits within FamZoo, see here.You can use your FamZoo card anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted.
Once you load up your primary funding card, you can distribute money between your family members instantly and frequently with no fees.
Physical residential address Social Security Number (required for all FamZoo cardholders) Two forms of identification, at least one of which must be a primary form: Primary Identification (At least one) Secondary Identification Current passport School or work ID with cardholder photograph Current state-issued drivers license.