Inexpensive gifts for daycare teachers

I needed an inexpensive gift for care takers, and learned how to make soaps and lotions!
You are all Sweet Tarts for everything you posh totty discount teach our children.
Next get a cute picture of your child.Maybe a basket containing germacide pray in bottle, hand sanitizer, gum, relaxing music cd, etc.Davids Tea, costs: 32, available at: Davids Tea.Answers from Houston on August 28, 2008 You could go to the dollar store and pick up some cute coffee mugs, make or buy some mini muffins, then use colorful saran wrap to put the muffins in the cup.As far as little gifts, my favorite things were baked goods or chocolates (even though I'm always on a diet, it was nice to bring them home to my family.) My favorite chocolates to give or get are the Dove ones- they're small and individually.If that's not too much money, then you could do those if you don't like the idea of gift cards.But then December rolls around, somehow faster than I ever expected, and Im caught short of cash.What I Like Most About My Classroom.1 mom found this helpful.P.I labeled the basket with a print out of my kids' faces and said "Thanks for helping up grow" with some flowers on the picture.Answers from Corpus Christi on August 29, 2008 Im not sure of the answer that you have recieved but a nice gift basket filled with different candies or cookies, or little snacks.First of all, here's what they don't want: mugs, lotions and bathing paraphernalia, baubles and knick knacks.You are the Riesen our kids are Smarties instead of Dum Dums.
This is the person who keeps your child all day, freeing you to work/sleep/clean/keep indie birthday gifts your younger babies alive while knowing that your child is in a safe, warm, and nurturing environment.
I would steer clear of cake or pizza.

Answers from Austin on August 29, 2008 Some of my favorite things that I received from my kids in my class that I've hung onto are a cactus in a terra cotta pot and she decorated it with her handprints and painted it, a recipe.