Kay jewelers gift return policy

kay jewelers gift return policy

What kind of company only has a 30 return policy on a watch that has never even been out of the box?
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So with Kay's I think only a few stores really inspect the rings correctly because the associates at Zona Rosa Kansas City Mo Kay Jewelers, and Oak Park Mall don't really care, and let's not forget that they imperfectproduce com promo code don't update the electronic tablet that they.
And I wouldn't have my wedding ring back for 60 days.When I gave it to him (early) he said it wasn't exclusive I could buy it anywhere for that price so I tried to return it and apparently they do not accept returns or exchanges after 30 days.So now sassy gals florist and gifts that all my rings are with a more reputable competitor I've lost my warranty which you don't stand by anyway.So, I just spent a ton of money on a crappy watch.The manager Jessica at Zona Rosa was rude, disrespectful and could have cared less, little 20 something, that doesn't know her job.You're a rip off scam artist that your CEO whom lives in adventure valley discount 2017 the Bahamas.Was told I would have my rings back on June 28th 2018, got a call on July 11th that my wedding ring had to go to corporate cause they can't do the quad diamond cut, then get a call on July 19th that my wedding.And since then I have purchased a nicer more beautiful wedding ring from a competitor, along with letting them inspect all my rings the correct way with microscope and a prong tester, lo and behold the ring they fixed that I did get back the.9, 2018, in April 2018 I had taken my rings in at the Oak Park Mall Store to be cleaned and inspected, not professionally done, the little chic said they were fine.Certain Consumer Reports offerings are not available to users located in the European Economic Area and Switzerland.And for the monies I'm going to pay a competitor I will get it back from you, plus all the extra warranty my husband put on them, which you say can only be put on the Kay card, so how can you put monies.I take it up with Corporate Care whom really doesn't care, and refunds me the monies for my wedding ring.I bought one for my husband for Christmas.But another store can, cause they do things the right way.Go to Consumer Reports.Took my rings into Kay Jewelers in Zona Rosa Kansas City, Mo to have diamonds replaced.
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