Lol new reward system

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This might sound unfair or confusing, but it's how it works, sorry if I didn't explain it well.
HOW TO earn mastery chests You or your party maybe has to earn at least S- rank in the champion mastery system.
There 4 types of loot: Rare gems (used to create unique skins Hextech Annie skin and Hextech ward skin) Shards (used to unlock permanent content, each shard has a portrait of a champion) Champion essence (can be spend on champion shards to unlock champions) Cosmetic.Level 5: End-of-season rewards, normal amount of Key Fragments, Honor Capsules, Level 5 loading screen flair.You gain and lose LP depending on whether you win or lose a game, when you get 100 LP, you get a promotion series to get into the next division or league.D- to, s ).With the start of the new system, everyone will begin at level 2, unless you've already been hit with a penalty for bad behavior in which case you'll start at a lower level.If you're wondering what will happen to your old honor win a free guitar 2016 ribbons that you might've accumulated, Riot says that those won't be sticking around.Purchased chests wont affect village gift shop duncan falls ohio the limit of 4 chests you can gain through champion mastery system.First look at the new crafting system for League of Legends.Level 4: End-of-season rewards, normal amount of Key Fragments, Honor Capsules, Level 4 loading screen flair.Hextech Crafting is live, so here's our video guide to it!The key element of this system are Mastery Chests and Keys. .League of Legends Loot Hextech Crafting first look.Slide 3/4 The Rewards (Photo: League of Legends).Thus to gain tier 1 you need to play at least one game with a champion.Once you raise the level enough, you'll be able to rank up to the next honor level, the highest being level 5 and the lowest being 0 with no rewards able to be obtained at that level.Hextech Annie skin spotlight (we even placed this skin in our best league of legends skins chart ) Hextech Ward skin spotlight The following content we provide may interest you: join OUR promo newsletter We are making crazy sales time from time for our customers.Hextech Crafting and Loot, oPEN Twitter: /14Gl Facebook: /10eNle.
The more people in your party the bigger is the chance to get a key.
System rates your performance depending on different game metrics which developers keep in a secret.

This new system isn't just about helping your teammates feel good, though.