Prize bond draw result online

15000 30,000,000 1 10,000,000 3 185,000 1696.
Interest is handed back to bond owners via prizes which are doled out by means of random selection of bonds.Prize Bond scheme is deemed as gold investment and is the legalized method top notch gifts of earning money and becoming rich overnight.According to numbers, every year an estimated 70,600 Pakistanis get Rs1.6 billion in prize money in the prize bond results, at the close of tax deduction, for their investment.Prize Bond Guess Papers Despite various guess papers available online for winning a prize bond, there is no formula for.Prize bond list " is here for you to have good results in time and with genuine updates of National savings updates on single pages.500,000 each has been reserved for 2nd position.25,000 50,000,000 1 15,000,000.The all state bank of Pakistan news and draw will be availalbe on this website.The first prize of the bond is Rs80 million, the cake store coupon code whereas after six months profit on the bond will also be paid to the holders.In Pakistan, Prize Bond is basically a sort of a lottery bond, a non - interest related security, offered by the Ministry of Finance and issued on behalf of the government of Pakistan.1,500,000 awarded only one luckiest person, while the three promo code for ram mounts prizes.40,000 75,000,000 1 25,000,000 3 500,000 1696 Procedure to Claim Prize To claim the prize money on winning prize bond list, the owner has to fill the form and submit the following along with photocopy of valid cnic, Original winning prize bond duly signed.Apart of 25,000 Prize Bond draw, the winning amount of 1st prize.Just luck matters, so try your luck!You can find first, second Third winners list by simply searching form Advance Power Search feature.National savings State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) declared result on online and printed paper for public.