Small prize ideas

Furthermore, exfoliating and hydrating bath products are available as baby shower prizes.
To go the extra mile, you could also attach a note that reads From our shower to father's day gifts diy pinterest yours!A single candle acts a small prize at baby shower parties whereas a bunch of these scented candles acts as a large prize.The same is true with lollipop bouquet, and it can be decorated well before it is presented.Similarly, the chocolate last minute gift for wife christmas cupcakes can be presented in an attractive way.You could wrap it up nicely with tissue paper or a nice bag or you could shoot for the kitsch factor and attach a bottle nipple to the top of small bottles of wine, making it into a mini wine-bottle.And if such gifts are decorated before presenting, then they serve as excellent gift items.Another interesting take on this idea is to provide Grow Your Own Prize and to provide seed packets, or even a silly novelty chia pet or something similar.These include sugar cookies, chocolate cupcakes, and lollipop bouquet.They are mostly inexpensive.You could also add some cute custom soaps or a bath bomb.House Wares, the last few types of prizes horizon hobby discount code 2015 that your guests could appreciate and find enjoyment in are those that can be used in the home.They can be used year round, and while they might be more expensive, it is a prize that represents value to the winner.Prizes can be a unique and fun way to add your personality to your shower, and send your guests home with prizes they will remember for a long time!The trick to getting chefs to enter a cooking contest is to provide the right motivation in the form of prizes that will be irresistible to anyone who loves to cook.
For the mom-to-be who loves to bake, assembling Cookies-In-A-Jar (including the ingredients to make a batch of cookies) or Hot Cocoa-In-A-Jar could also make interesting and unique baby shower prizes.
You could also make a coffee kit, with packages of coffee, biscotti sticks, and a nice travel mug.

Perhaps your theme is sports; why not include some tickets to a local sporting event?