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And its affiliated companies and parent companies (together, "Nexstar from time to time conduct over-the-air call-in sweepstakes (an Instant Sweepstakes) in which viewers who call in at specified times will be eligible to win a prize or prizes. .
Dates of Instant Sweepstakes: An Instant Sweepstakes will begin and end on the dates announced on the air. .This means that when the broadcast station announces the cue to call or text for a contest, listeners to the on-line audio stream will be at a greater disadvantage in participating over those listeners who hear the contests on a conventional FM radio).FOR ANY instant sweepstakes, NO purchase IS necessary AND purchase does NOT increase odds OF winning. .Any such limitations will be announced on the air and posted in the sweepstakes section.Participants must never have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, other than a minor traffic violation, and have never had a restraining order or other injunctive relief entered against them. .Only one (1) prize per household from any of Nexstar's stations within any sixty (60) day period and participants are eligible to win a contest no more than once every 60 days and are eligible to win a prize valued at 600.00 or more only.Although each Instant Sweepstakes will vary as to type/number of prizes and call-in requirements, the following rules (Official Rules) apply to all Instant Sweepstakes conducted by the Station. .If a winner cannot be contacted within five (5) days after the prize is awarded, an alternate winner may everycraftsapound discount code be selected. .Calling any of Galaxy Medias studios for any reason is acknowledging and agreeing that any or all parts of the telephone conversation may be recorded, broadcast and re-broadcast.Persons who violate any rule, gain unfair advantage in participating in the Instant Sweepstakes, or obtain winner status using fraudulent means will be disqualified. .All prizes must be redeemed by the earlier of the date specified and announced in any sweepstakes specific rules or within 30 days of the Instant Sweepstakes end date if not otherwise specified. .